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'Over and Over'

Over and Over wall installation close up and longer view.jpg

'Over and Over', installation of 6,930 5cm x 5cm paintings

Referencing my training in woven textiles, this piece uses the laborious and repetitive motions required to build up a piece of cloth row by row to create a large scale installation of tiny paintings.

Ability to hyperfocus and concentrate on minute detail are aspects of Autism Spectrum Disorder that gave me my affinity for woven textiles and this piece explores how the traits of neurodivergence can be celebrated as differences, aiming to find a visual language to do so that doesn’t rely on patronising or ‘cutesy’ imagery often used on social media or in awareness campaigns. The piece also references the exhausting, repetitive nature of trying to seek help from doctors for endometriosis for countless sufferers.

Carys with entire Over and Over wall installation2.jpg
Carys with Over and Over wall installation.jpg
Over and Over wall installation semi-detail view 2.jpg
Over and Over wall installation detail.jpg
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