The Anatomy of Fragile and Unconventional Women

(Selected Works)

Long-durational research project, 2017

Selected prints on paper shown at the exhibition 'Sugar and Spice' (2017)

“These dispositional hypnoid states often, it would seem, grow out of daydreams which are so common even in healthy people, and to which needlework and similar occupations render women especially prone”​

‘The Anatomy of Fragile and Unconventional Women’ is a year-long narrative exploration of mental illness in contemporary social media culture in relation to Freud and Weir-Mitchells’ texts on the 20th Century diagnosis ‘Hysteria’. 


Inspired by the concept of 'radical narcissism' in 1970s feminist performance art, selfie culture, and The New Aesthetic, this research project examines modern tropes of digital culture against historical concepts of 'famous hysterics' and case studies of hysteria. The relationship between photography and the hysteria diagnosis was of particular interest to me: the sudden availability of cameras at the turn of the Century transformed the perception of hysteria from a collection of symptoms to a visual disease and public spectacle.


Coming from a textiles background, I was always entertained by Freud’s theory on why women weave, and I used this as a central narrative point to explore the relationship between femininity, craft, and madness.

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'Conditione Seconde II', self-portrait and digital collage with fabric and shuttle (2017)

hysteria hat 2 for web.jpg

Self-portrait with 'Hysteria Hat I' and 'Hysteria Hat II' (2016)

holdingloom smaller.jpg

'Conditione Seconde III', self-portrait and digital collage with fabric (2017)

Self portrait with wearable sculptures (2016)

Self-portrait, text (2017)

Self-portrait with loom (2016; 2017)

Long-durational research project, 2017

Long-durational research project, 2017